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☆where fantasy becomes reality☆

keira_miyachan <3
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~An girl who has a simple life...THAT'S ME! ^_^


~you can call me 'Kei' for short...XD

~i'm nice especially to people who are good and nice to me.... :)

~ Loves Visual Kei and J-rock bands....
-especially the GazettE, alice nine, V i V i D, and SuG....in short i'm a JROCK FREAK..get it?? and if you don't like it, then just back off okay???.. don't mess up with my business...

_and don't ever insult my favorite jrockers.....i hate that...!!!!

_Love Jpop.. haha.. JE artists like Kis-my-Ft2, Hey!Say!JUMP!, KAT-TUN, Arashi, other Johnny's Juniors, and so on and so forth.. ♥

that's all....
nothing special, just an ordinary person....=)

I'm indeed a good person(never doubt this one). XD